Rumen Draganov
Bulgarian Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism

Rumen Draganov has been working in the area of tourism for over 30 years. He has graduated from the Technical University and the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. He has PhD in Hotel policy in postmodern tourism of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Rumen Draganov has occupied various positions in tourism business included office director at the international trade organisation ‘Balkantourist’, executive director of the ‘Balkan Holidays international’, CEO and president of ‘Balkan Holidays’ in London, New York, Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt/M, Vienna, Zurich, Kopenhagen, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Moscow, Cairo, Beirut and Kuwait. Rumen Draganov has also been chairman of the Tourism Committee at the Council of Ministers as well as deputy minister for trade and tourism.

He is chairman of the financial committee of the National Board of Tourism, takes part in the work of a number of Non-Governmental Organisations and ASTA Chapter Bulgaria. He is currently director of institute of Analysis and Assessments in Tourism and chairman of the Board of directors of Grand hotel Pomorie.